Gheteh karan Mfg.Co was established and launched in 1362 in Ashtarjan Industrial Zone (Isfahan – Iran) and in an area of 14.000 square meters.

This company first cooperated in the field of manufacturing parts needed by various factories such as steel-cement and heavy machinery.

In this regard, Gheteh karan Mfg.Co  has succeeded in receiving the following certificates :

  • Quality management system based on ISO 9002 from the company IMQ Italy ISO/TS 16949:2002 from the company DQS Germany and since then has succeeded in extending the validity of this certificate. The last document ISO TS 16949 : 2009 from company IMQItaly related to24/02/2009 AD (04/12/1388) which is valid for 3 years from the date of issuance.
  • Sapco’s grade A certificate has been renewed in 2015 and Sapco’s grade has been maintained since then, and according to the assessment made in 2019, the company’s grade has been declared equal to B, and obtaining Sapco’s A grade according to Sapco’s new requirements is on the agenda. contract .
  1. Q631000 certificate from AFAQ France for the production of Peugeot safety parts
  2. Safety parts production approval certificate from Itrak company
  3. Certificate of approval of the Iranian Standard Bureau

The main scope of the company’s activity at present is the production of all kinds of auto parts, and in this field, it has been able to send various parts in millions of editions to reputable companies such as Iran Khodro, and in the meantime, by maintaining the ever-increasing quality of its parts, it has been able to attract more and more customers’ opinions. do Relying on expert personnel, Gheteh karan Mfg.Co has managed to maintain the quality of its production parts in high volumes and due to offering competitive prices with domestic and foreign manufacturers, it has been able to maintain its name among the standard producers of metal car parts.

The professional equipment and hardware of the collection as well as the professional laboratory facilities of the company, are a proof of the claim of producing quality parts in this company.

Using the determined strategies and quality policy, quality goals are determined as follows.

Quality objectives

  • Reducing product returns from Sapco’s PPM customers and other customers
  • Reduction of internal waste (internal PPM)
  • Per capita increase in education
  • Reducing the percentage of quality costs to Fro
  • Reducing the percentage of CPKs less than 1.33
  • Reduction of DMR percentage more than 1 in product audit
  • Increase internal audit score
  • Improving the effectiveness of education
  • Improving the skill percentage of employees
  • Increasing the score of response speed (long term and short term)

Quantitative goals

  • Increasing circulation delivered to Sapco
  • Increase production circulation
  • Increasing the number of manufactured products
  • Reducing the cost of the product
  • Signing a contract with Renault Pars

Logistics objectives

  • Proper implementation of logistics procedures in the organization
  • Increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Improving the flow of materials and information
  • Increase on-time delivery
  • Creating flexibility in the organization
  • Increasing customer satisfaction in the field of logistics
  • Human resources management
  • Reducing waiting times and predicting these times

The basic values in the company “Gheteh karan Mfg.Co ” (VALUES) are the basic values of the basic principles in every company, and all personnel are obliged to consider these values in all their work affairs and put them at the top of their activities.

The basic values of Gheteh karan Mfg.Co are as follows:

  • customer orientation
  • Implementation of 5S principles
  • Responsibility and commitment to the customer (planning logistics resources to fulfill commitments)
  • Honesty and good morals
  • work group
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Result orientation and alignment with the company’s goals
  • People’s expertise and trainability

The main customers of the company are car parts manufacturers, among which Sapco (supplier of Iran Khodro parts) is the main customer of the company.

Currently, the company’s target market is the domestic car manufacturing companies. However, the company plans to enter global markets and compete globally in the not-so-distant future by relying on the high technical and specialized power of its forces and using the latest technology in the field of machining parts. In this regard, customer satisfaction, suitable and desirable quality, low price and timely delivery are considered as the main ideals.

The most important value in the company is customer satisfaction, and the company always tries to take steps towards customer satisfaction by providing products with high quality and reasonable price, and in this way, to guarantee an acceptable profit for its shareholders.

The company considers its contractors to comply with the logistics requirements of the customers, and in this regard, the logistics processes including supply, receiving, planning, moving and storage, transportation, packaging and shipping were considered in the processes of the organization, they are monitored. and measures and improves.

Gheteh karan Mfg.Co intends to be a good friend to the environment by preventing or reducing any use of environmental pollutants. The intellectual capital of the company is its personnel, which the company tries to advance its goals by improving the level of knowledge, as well as motivating and strengthening their individual creativity. The company considers its parts makers to produce quality parts, and in this regard, it considers the PPM reduction program as one of its missions.